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Amsterdam's First Cannabis Seed Company
to be Certified Vegan and Organic
EWS West Indies Research Facility

EWS R&D Facility, West Indies

Earth Witch Seeds was founded in the Netherlands in 2018, and is Amsterdam’s 1st and only Certified Vegan and Organic Cannabis Seed Company. Earth Witch Seeds is proud to present some of the best California concepts and designs originally masterfully handcrafted at our EWS Research & Development facility located in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle, to then integrate these EWS California farm reserve genetics into the astringent demands of the Highest Dutch Quality for guaranteed assurance to our Earth Witch Seeds customers to have some of the best California Medical Quality Cannabis available in seed form on the European market.
About EWS

Earth Witch Seeds is working around the clock on multiple continents to obtain the rarest paleo traits such as enriched THCV, a therapeutically medicinal cannabinoid known for being an anorectic, bone stimulant, anti-epileptic, and antidepressant, EWS has already isolated exact pheno variants with up to 1.7% THCV using liquid chromatography techniques to sequence and isolate these medicinal qualities.


Earth Witch Seeds proudly stands by Medical Cannabis, and the protection of continual scientific research for all patients around the World to have access to this therapeutic plant.

EWS R&D Facility, Northern California


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