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75% Indica | 25% Sativa

Earth Witch Seeds is bringing you the fruit of fruits. Marula is prized by both native animals and people of southern and central Africa, and is known for its intoxicating effects enjoyed by the local bird, elephant, and baboon populations native to this region of Africa. In honor of this sacred tree we at Earth Witch Seeds would like to present our customers with a 75% Indica / 25% Sativa hybrid produced by crossing a power house Indica from Mendocino County California crossed with our Earth Witch Seeds Northern Mozambiquen line, then brought back to our power house California EWS farm reserve Indica line. 


Marula explodes with a cherry, cotton candy eruption in both nose and flavor, indoors she will yield around 475 grams per square meter and will finish in just 49 to 53 days, Outdoor Earth Witch Seeds Marula will be ready to harvest in the first week of October with up to 1,000 grams per plant. Either indoors or outdoors this strain is so strong it will be worthy of any animal in the kingdom.

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